We cannot get there from here. Here being space constrained, even in our dreaming, by the overbearing, distorting and flattening forces that reduce experience to transaction, identity to category, purpose to product, and flow to action-and-reaction. There being expanse, in the sense of unfettered fractal expression and dynamic change, suffused with easeful call and response.  I always aim to get us all free.

Complicating, disrupting, interrupting, resisting are limited-and limiting-reactions that ultimately reinscribe the shapes of cages, and that twist and tighten the strings of the trick bag. They root in the binary of defensive and offensive strategies. They are not generative forces. How might we invite an expansive view? I always ask questions to get us all free.

The work is to remind, recenter, reignite, through artistic ritual practice, a lived experience-in-time of vulnerable presence, integral  intelligence, radical imagination, and boundless creativity. I say it is the work because it is continuous work, it is not my work alone. I am emboldened by the fact of my umbilical connection to generations of artists who undertook the work with bone-deep commitment, persistence, and humility to the tasks at hand. I work, in community and collaboration with others,  to pass on the rites and the questions to forthcoming generations. It is a continuum. I always work to get us all free.