Theatre depends on community in action. Multi-year conversations; cross-pollinating collaborations; generosity and love. These are links to artists with whom I have collaborated ( marked with a "★" ); artists I admire for their craft, yes, but also their impact on the world in which we live; institutions and organizations that 'walk their talk' with regards to inclusion, outreach and dynamic engagement with the power of the imaginary in concert with the embodied.

(Above: DAJ (far right) with long time collaborators Rhonda Ross, Christopher Myers, Stacey Karen Robinson in NYC)

I grew up in active community. There has always been an extension of the values of listening, witnessing, feeding, laughing, tale-telling, and collective support in my approach to making art. When those values dovetail with the ethos of a collaborating theatre or organization it makes for a particularly rich experience, as it has with allgo in Austin, TX, Pillsbury House in Minneapolis, and The Theater Offensive in Boston, to name but a few. At The Theater Offensive, their vanguard Out In Your Neighborhood Program is a fantastic example of one way to foster meaningful collaboration between visiting artists and local citizens. When we did RADIATE @ Boston, we participated in a fantastic event called, Jomama's House in Roxbury (click this link for more images).

The meeting in the making is true beauty, with all the complex contours.