RADIATE is part concert, part revival - featuring the triumphant return of legendary expatriate performer Jomama Jones, a mythical R&B diva who left the United States after a string of hits in the 1980s, back from the darkness as a lone star with a singular purpose – to awaken the comeback in us all! Jo is accompanied by her collaborator and musical director, Bobby Halvorson, her backing vocalists, the Sweet Peaches - the extraordinary Helga Davis and Laura Jean Anderson, and a knockout band. She shares songs of resilience and regeneration as she recounts her rise to the stratosphere, her self-imposed exile from the U.S. and her surprising observations of the America to which she has returned.

RADIATE @ Boston. The Theater Offensive. 2013. Photos by Craig Bailey, Perspective Photo.

RADIATE @ Austin. Salvage Vanguard Theater. Photos by Erika Nix.

RADIATE @ Minneapolis. Pillsbury House Theatre. Photos by Michal Daniel.

RADIATE premiered at Soho Rep directed by Kym Moore with costumes by Oana Botez Ban, set by Arnulfo Maldonado, and lights by Lucrecia Briceno. Live sound engineering by Nick Kourtides.

Clip of RADIATE from Soho Rep