1. YOUR LOVE SONG WORKSHOP. Daniel Alexander Jones will work with a group (up to 20 participants) to discuss the centrality of music to Jomama Jones’s journey, introduce some core principles about vulnerability, testimony, and short-form writing. Participants will then go through a three-step process to develop short, personalized songs rooted in an expansive definition of what a love song can be. (3 hours. Flexible space with ample room for sitting on the floor and in chairs. A/V: projector with laptop adapter, WiFi, speakers with 1/8” cable. White board with markers, or chalkboard with chalk.)


2. LINEAGE AND FUTURES. Daniel Alexander Jones will present a lecture/demonstration about his artistic lineage, (rooted in Black American Avant-Garde theatre traditions) touching on a list of principles for creative practice that comes from deep engagement with his artistic forbears. He will then propose concepts and strategies for artists who want to use these principles to generate work, ideally in collaborative settings. (2 hours. Music stand, stool, A/V: projector with laptop adapter, WiFi, speakers with 1/8” cable.)


3. POST-SHOW CONVERSATION and SING ALONG. Daniel Alexander Jones and collaborators will discuss the core themes of Black Light, and take questions from the audience. And, they will lead the audience in a group singing experience using one of Jomama Jones’s songs, “Open”, to encourage audience members to actively extend ideas from the show into their community in the weeks following the show. (1-1.30 hrs. Need lyric sheet printed).