Directing Projects

Daniel Alexander Jones directed the world premiere productions of the plays and performance pieces SWEET TEA by E. Patrick Johnson (Chicago), HEAVENLY SHADES OF NIGHT ARE FALLING by Erik Ehn (Austin), FIVE BOTTLES IN A SIX PACK by Renita Martin (Boston), BLACK POWER BARBIE IN HOTEL DE DREAM by Shay Youngblood (Austin), EVIDENCE OF SILENCE BROKEN by Zell Miller III (Minneapolis), A ROOMFUL OF MEN by Amparo Garcia-Crow (Austin), CRACKING AMBER BREATHING RED by Margery Segal (Austin); regional productions of UNMERCIFUL GOOD FORTUNE by Edwin Sanchez (Austin), TALKING BONES by Shay Youngblood (Austin), DIRTY BLONDE by Claudia Shear (Juneau/Douglas,AK); and workshop presentations of RELATIVITY by Rhonda Ross (NYC), SMOKE, LILIES AND JADE by Carl Hancock Rux (NYC), and BLUE FIRE ON THE WATER by Renita Martin (NYC), GAT HIM TO HIS PLACE by Ruth Margraff (Minneapolis), and MR. XMAS by Bridget Carpenter (Minneapolis), along with numerous readings and staged readings by emerging and established writers across the United States.

Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling by Erik Ehn. Frontera@Hyde Park Theatre, Austin, TX. 1999.

Shakin' The Mess Outta Misery by Shay Youngblood. First Stage Productions, Austin, TX, 1997.

Unmerciful Good Fortune by Edwin Sanchez. Frontera@Hyde Park Theatre, Austin, TX. 1996.

Black Power Barbie by Shay Youngblood. Frontera@Hyde Park Theatre, Austin, TX, 1995.

Talking Bones by Shay Youngblood. Frontera Productions. Austin, TX. 1994.