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“A true theatrical original.”



“What we learn from Jomama’s very particular radiance is this: you don’t have to reduce the musical form to a musical just to make it more digestible. If you make a good, less reductive, and more grownup show, the people will come.”



“Jomama entertains with joyous, infectious abandon that provokes the audience to shout their approval at the end of each song and to join in the clapping and the moving and grooving while she sings. Jomama is also a woman with a mission; her patter delivers hope and social faith that Jones carries off without sanctimony or excessive sentiment... It’s impossible not to be affected by Jomama’s example. She radiates the love and hope she wishes for us all.”


Photo by Amelia Leigh Harris

“ “Radiate” glows, making it hard not to surrender to this sequin-encrusted earth mother’s soulful embrace. Critics’ Pick!”


Fabulous... she has people literally climbing over the rows in front of them to dance with her onstage... The main draw [is] Jones’s wit and insight, and her clear vision of a world where people join together to celebrate what makes them each unique.

- THE NEW YORKER Critics’ Pick! Jomama Jones is back!



“The feel good show of the year... From the moment that Jomama takes the stage, there’s an undeniable lightness in the air.”


“The songs are so well crafted and so ably performed that in the middle of each you find yourself unable to remember what song came before it, or even to imagine anything outside of the current tune’s broad universe. Flanked by her Sweet Peaches (a more beamingly energetic pair of songbirds it is difficult to imagine) Jo effortlessly both belts and coos the house down.”

– Topher Burns, THE NEW GAY

“Jomama Jones is a wonderfully unique creation: a fusion of retro-funk, camp and theatricality.”

– David Cote, NY1, Time Out New York

“Jomama Jones is played by the brilliant and versatile Daniel Alexander Jones, an accomplished singer, an actor, creator of performance pieces (like this one) and, of course, plays. Daniel is a Playwrights Center core writer; his Phantasmatron was not too long ago featured in the prestigious Ruth Easton Series. Jones is a major American talent.”

– John Olive, MINNEAPOLIS How Was The Show?

“This isn't a traditional musical, or even something like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, where the songs serve to tell the story. Instead, they merge with the narrative to underscore Jomama's basic message: Open your heart, love one another, and be positive to make changes. It's hard to argue with that.”

 – Ed Huyck City Pages Minneapolis