Teaching Testimonials


"Daniel Alexander Jones played a transformative role in my development as a playwright. Conversations in playwriting workshops often feel stilted because they are limited to discussion of form and craft and avoid the Big Questions. Daniel asked questions that created space for me to interrogate the content and ideas implicit in the types of stories I was choosing to tell. I am a braver and bolder writer because of him, yes---but more importantly, I am a more engaged and sincere writer because of his guidance." 

Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig is a celebrated playwright, author of The World of Extreme Happiness and Lidless.


"Daniel Alexander Jones challenges students to break free of the norm, embrace the theater and to look at the world as a place where art can be found everywhere."

Eljon Wardally is an award-winning playwright and filmmaker, whose project Docket 32357 has received wide acclaim.


"Because of Daniel Alexander Jones I am able to pursue the artist's path with confidence and curiosity. With his brilliance, creativity, and steadfast care and responsibility to his students, Daniel has an unparalleled gift in awakening students to recognizing and embracing their unique voices as artists. We are pushed to develop a critical eye about the world and to use our voices to speak to what calls to us by telling the stories that need to be told."

Mayaa Boateng is an actress. She is currently pursuing her MFA in NYU's renowned Graduate Program at Tisch School of the Arts


"Daniel Alexander Jones is a teacher in the greatest sense of the word: he uses his gifts, his breadth of knowledge, his experience, his insight to propel his students into an inspired and awakened sense of themselves, their craft, and the world around them. Every class with DAJ felt like a revelation; I uncovered deep truths about myself, my history, my belief system and the way I interact with my art, I was given the permission to think bravely and without limits, and I was encouraged to look back at what's come before as well as forward toward what's to be, continuously challenged to see my own place within that framework. Daniel inspires his students to excavate truth, to ask questions, and to find the lifeblood in theatre-making."


Jenny Rachel Weiner is a playwright and screenwriter. Her critically acclaimed play Horse Girls recently ran to packed houses in NYC and Chicago.